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Training Center
Nov 17, 2020

Local 105 's, Donny "Red" Smith, Training Center


Named after long time Brother, Donald Smith, Our training center has been proud to offer a multitude of courses to both its apprentices and Journeymen. Working jointly with the Electrical Construction Association of Hamilton we ensure that the IBEW has the most highly trained electricians in the industry, Here are some examples of the courses that have been offered.

All Terrain Fork Truck
A two-day program by IHSA which covers safe handling and safety regulations for all terrain fork truck. Also proper and safe handling of propane tanks for these vehicles.

High Voltage Splicing
Techniques used in high voltage splicing differ from the usual connections most of us make everyday. Installation of pulling eyes, Hi-Pot, and testing will be introduced. Cable preparations, handling and safety concerns will be addressed.


Conduit Bending and Cable Pulling
Conduit Bending

Basic and Advanced
Practical formula for bending conduit. Basic bends through concentric, sweep and follow bends. Bending and threading of rigid and EMT. Using hand, mechanical and electric benders.

Cable Pulling
The rigging of sheaves and rollers for pulling multiple cables into conduit and tray, using a cable tugging machine.

Electrical Construction Estimating
You will learn basic knowledge of pricing materials, labour and take-offs, organizing and closing the bid. Must have working knowledge of the trade as well as good blueprint skills.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

PLC1: Introduction to PLC’s
This level includes basic programming operations, components
and applications, as well as basic language, design and input/output devices.

PLC2: Programming PLC’s
Level 2 covers testing and running self written/designed programs to actually work some devices.


Fire Alarm Systems
In Ontario, the Fire Marshall requires this certification. This is an in depth four-level course that covers the basic components of a fire alarm system to the latest in data link programmable systems. Installation of various components and systems as well as troubleshooting and associated codes are covered.

Fire Alarm Re-certification Upgrade
Every five years, the Ontario Fire Marshall requires re-certification of this licence. Troubleshooting, programming, and numbering of addressable systems will be the basis of this program. Changes in the OBC and ULC standards will be reviewed.

House Wiring
Tricks in this industry are different than most of us are used to. Finding the centre of a room, use of story poles and new devices on the market will be discussed. Services, distribution and grounding connections will be the basis of this class.


We are pleased to announce that the welding shop is now a CWB Certified Testing Facility.


Welding is part of the electrical trade. Learn the different machine settings for each weld position. Cutting torch set-up and safety concerns surrounding welding and handling of bottled gases will be reviewed. CWB 4 position testing is conducted on site.

Fibre Optics
Theory of fibre optics, troubleshooting, testing equipment and procedures are the basis of this class. Safety and safe handling in the latest of information transmission will be covered. New technology in connectorization and the most common types of connectors will be used as part of a very extensive hands-on program.

Motor Controls
A computer-based program is utilized to enable the student to design control circuits that will be hard wired to different devices.

Apprentice Safety Training
Four levels of IBEW/ECAO/IHSA safety training are provided. These coursed are mandatory for apprentices.

Safe Rigging and Hoisting
This course covers basic rigging safety needed for material and equipment handling. Use of load charts and calculations for rigging and hoisting will also be reviewed. Hand signals, regulations, and safety are of the utmost importance and are discussed in detail.

Confined Space Training
Recognition of physical and atmospheric hazards are a prime concern for all in the construction industry. Learn the procedures for permits, checklists and systematic entry into areas we work in every day.

Electrical Code
The purpose of this course is the proper use of the Canadian Electrical Code code book. Safety, 3 phase systems, conduit and conductor sizing are highlighted. Code book changes are focused on as well as new regulations. Calculations and interpretations are highlighted in this program.

First Aid and CPR Training
This certification is more in demand everyday. Learn split timing and correct responses that could save your life or someone else’s. Control bleeding and chest compressions are taught.

685 Nebo Rd
Hamilton, ON L0R 1P0 CANADA
Monday‐Thursday 8:00 am‐5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am‐1:30 pm

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